Rebecca Algazy
Rebecca Algazy is a graphic designer and web designer in the Los Angeles area. She has worked with a variety of business professionals and small businesses to create marketing materials and other promotional items. She is also accomplished in the fine arts and has had several illustrations and photographs published in both local and international publications. Her work speaks of clean, classic style.

She is an avid creator, no matter the medium. An artist’s job, she believes, is to consistently look at how things are made and constructed. It is essential to understand both the process and the initial backbones of all things that are made. She applies this understanding to all of her work, creating and modifying in layers after building a strong initial structure.

Her hobbies include reading, painting, writing, studying Los Angeles history, sewing, cooking, biking, walking, and adventuring. She believes that the entire world is an instrument for learning. Observing the way it works, as well as its inhabitants, is the best influence on all of her creations.

Please view her resume for work and education information.

Resume [.doc]
Resume [.pdf]

rebecca.algazy @ gmail dot com